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Free Marketing Consultation from Engine Communications

Looking to Increase Sales and/or Awareness?

Aren’t we all! Sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas for marketing your business or organization, especially if you’re right in the thick of it. It helps to have someone who’s not connected to you to take the time to stop and see what message you really are sending, see how you come across and to look at everything from an entirely new angle.

As marketing professionals, we can identify overall impressions. We can come up with many solutions for you, that don’t have to cost an arm and a leg too!

Because we’ve all had enough of winter and it’s time for a fresh start.

Because we know we can help.

Because we cover everything from branding to messaging, strategies, web, mobile, social, SEO, print and multi-media…….

We’re offering a special, limited time TREAT just FOR YOU.  No strings. Just because we love to come up with marketing ideas.

Yes, we’re nerds. To us, it’s fun. Weird eh?

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Meet, Greet, Communicate & Inform

With unique indoor and outdoor communication material — trade shows, POP, conferences, events, interior/exterior decor or feature products and services! Our experienced marketing team will not only provide brilliant promotional design, they will help you choose the right product for your promotional needs. Supercharge your space with easy, portable solutions!

Signage Solutions

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Don’t waste your money!

Fabulous design means nothing without a Marketing & Messaging Strategy. It’s about increasing sales, awareness and growth. Anything else is just a waste of Your Money.

See how & check out Engine’s latest marketing projects.

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How can I increase my open rate on enewsletters?

There are a ton of elements you can vary to try to entice more of your subscribers to open up your emails. Here are just a few things you could try:

  • Experiment with your subject lines: Try including details about the content of the email right in the subject line, instead of using your standard subject.
  • Send on a different day: Are your subscribers too busy on a Wednesday morning to read your email, leaving it languishing down the inbox? Maybe a Tuesday afternoon email would be welcomed.
  • Get the important content up the top: Remember that many people will see a preview of your email before deciding to open it or ignore it. Make sure your email is recognizable, and that your key points are in the top third.

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You Can Have Your Own Marketing Team

Ongoing Marketing Support Program

Some of our clients go onto our monthly marketing program. This may work well for you. Everyone on our team here at Engine Communications, has between 15 – 20 years of marketing experience that can really help you to increase sales and awareness. We can help with a primary plan of action, as it helps with productivity and costs.

You can have your own Marketing Team.

We set aside an agreed-upon monthly marketing budget as your dedicated marketing team. Typical time varies around 2-10 hours/week.

In this instance, we can help to prioritize, identify, consult, create and manage items like:

  • Website updates
  • Online Consulting
  • Social Media Management/Supervision
  • Graphic Design
  • Coding & Programming
  • Custom Designed Ads for Web and Print
  • Content Creation
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Deal with pesky phone book advertising sales people
  • Inbound Marketing Campaigns
  • On-site Communications Tools
  • Can also include consulting, review & recommendations for:
  • Events
  • Reports
  • Signage – Interior and Exterior

………………..whatever is needed to increase your business sales, awareness of your organization, your Engine Marketing Team is here for you.

If you need help ongoing or just from time to time, click here to Contact Us to discover the possibilities.

Trails Working to Bring Big Money to the Region

We’ve been working on a lot of tourism-related projects lately including Quinte’s Isle Campark and Eastern Ontario Trails.

Major marketing initiatives have launched and more are underway for Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance  promoting our communities, local businesses surrounding The Trails while promoting year-round tourism as well. Cindy Cassidy, General Manager for EOTA states, “25,000+ people use The Trails – all year round representing $6 Million Dollars in spending in our region. We’re working on promoting the trails and the businesses around them in order to increase those numbers even more!”

Promoting Eastern Ontario ~For example, you may have also noticed the new billboard that has just gone up on Dundas by the Bay Bridge in Belleville. There are more to come here and in Kingston, Ontario. Next step is Durham, Ottawa and GTA.

Your Vacation Is Here

This exciting destination and tourism initiative will help to increase sales to local businesses, promote our Cities, Towns and Rural Communities surrounding the Eastern Ontario Recreational Trails. 

A new interactive website, , has launched online featuring local businesses, package deals, what to do, where to stay, eat, have fun, shop and more. Online marketing promotions include Social Media such as FaceBook communications and promotions. Keep watch on the new site for the upgraded interactive map. This new tourism and economic development initiative is a major marketing campaign that partners recreational trails with local business. The user-friendly, interactive website, along with many other promotional strategies promoting Eastern Ontario.” Other promotions include:

  • Signage on the 401 highway leads the way to Trails Entrances
  • Signage at major Trail entrances directing people to local businesses. First Gateway begins in Belleville at Corbyville with approximately 15 major signs throughout the Trails Region.
  • Arrow Signs will also be placed along the Trails pointing direction/km’s to local businesses
  • ZIGZAG brochures featuring Fun Package Deals, Your Vacation Is Here and Discover your Outdoor Playground
  • 25,000 Trail Map Guides featuring the Region and businesses
  • Billboards at major attractions and key traffic locations in Belleville, Stirling and Kingston. More to follow, expanding further into Ontario.
  • Tourism & Recreational Trade Shows
  • Radio advertising
  • Multiple Community Partnerships

“Thousands of km’s covering Bay of Quinte to Algonquin Park and more.”

 The maintained trail system is open all year round. Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance’s (EOTA) trail network extends north from the Bay of Quinte up to south of Algonquin Park, Havelock to just west of Perth linking outdoor recreation and adventure to the natural environment and rural communities and their businesses, along the way. The trail network offers access for hiking, cycling, horseback riding, ATVing and snowmobiling…the list goes on! Photography enthusiasts, artists, bird watchers, nature lovers, those on a spiritual journey can explore to their heart’s content.

Get Your Business Out There!

 Local businesses are invited to participate, become a Trails marketing partner to attract business, get found, increase sales and visits.  Put together a package deal, sign up online for free. Pick other advertising opportunities or consider what I think is The BEST deal: the ‘Whole 9 Yards’ for $695/yr where you get promoted online, banner ads, featured package, interactive map, brochure/map guide ad and signage at entrances and along the trails pointing customers to your location. Signs are for 3 years!

That’s an excellent price for advertising considering we’ve just placed several ads for other clients for the same price, for ONE time in ONE magazine issue.

About the Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance Our mandate is to develop, manage, maintain and market a comprehensive network of year round shared use recreational trails for the economic, tourism and job creation that they bring to our region within Eastern Ontario. 

For more information about The Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance, please contact Laura or
Cindy Cassidy ~ General Manager, Eastern Ontario Trails
Phone 613-478-1444 ~ Email
[email protected] ~ Web site

Stay tuned for more advertising and marketing projects to follow. See you on The Trails!




Tourism Marketing Project Launches

Exciting Destination, Local Economic Development & Tourism Initiative

We’re very excited to launch this new project with the Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance. Major marketing initiatives have been created to promote The Trails increase business and Economic Development in our communities while promoting Tourism as well.

New Interactive Website just launched. Marketing strategies include:

  • ZIGZAG brochures featuring Fun Package Deals, Your Vacation Is Here and Discover your Outdoor Playground
  • New interactive website launched. Feature business, package deals, what to do, where to stay, eat, have fun, shop and more including FaceBook promotions and online marketing with new interactive map to follow
  • Signage off of the 401 leading to Trails Entrances
  • Gateway Signage for Businesses. First Gateway begins at Belleville at Corbyville. Approximately 15 major signs throughout the Trails Region.
  • Rustic Wood-look Arrow Signs on the Trails pointing kms/direction to your business
  • Handy Pocket Map Guide featuring businesses
  • Multiple Community Partnerships
  • Business Marketing Opportunities
  • Featured at multiple Tourism & Recreational Trade Shows throughout the Province
  • Research, Strategic Planning, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Online Marketing, Web Design and Development, Social Media, Print, Project Management and Marketing Consulting

More to follow! Check out the new Interactive Website at:

Eastern Ontario Tourism Marketing Opportunity

If you own a business in Belleville, Quinte or Hastings, this marketing news is for you!

Your reach just got bigger!

Exciting Destination, Local & Tourism Promotion Opportunity

Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance’s (EOTA) trail network extends north from the Bay of Quinte up to Algonquin Park, linking outdoor recreation and adventure to the natural environment and rural communities along the way. The trail network offers access for hiking, cycling, horseback riding, canoeing, ATVing and snowmobiling through maintained trail systems that are opened all year round.

become a
Trails Marketing Partner

Eastern Ontario Tourism Marketing Opportunity

places to stay
restaurants & bars
shops & services
sports, adventure & clubs
arts & galleries
gifts & antiques

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