Cupcakes Anyone?

Posted on Monday, July 26th, 2010 at 11:47 am by Kathy Filo

Who doesn’t like cupcakes? I’ve been watching a new reality series on W Network called Cupcake Girls and I’ve found it very entertaining! The show is about a couple of girl friends (best friends Lori Joyce and Heather White) who started a cupcake business in Vancouver without a business plan, and without any baking experience. Craziness! However, what they do have is marketing and branding experience, and it shows. What initially caught my eye in the show was their branding. Everything is consistent and catchy, from the sign and awning on their storefront to the interior design of the store, as well as their print and promotional materials. Everything works well together. I was just reading an article about them in the June issue of the Globe and Mail Your Business magazine, and decided to check out their website.

It’s fun just like everything else. The Cupcakes Facebook page is well utilized also. Of course, I became a fan 🙂 (They let me know that they are looking to expand in Ontario!) Their successful marketing and branding campaign has worked. Last year they spun off three franchises while maintaining their three corporate stores. Congratulations, girls! If you haven’t had a chance to check out their show, I suggest that you do – they are hilarious! See them on W network Sunday’s at 9pm. Let me know what you think!

Heather and Lori offer the Top Ten Pointers For Branding Your Business, and don’t forget to check out the CupcakesTakeTheCake blog too!

— Kathy

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  1. The clips I've watched are hilarious! Thanks for sharing these gals with me. I really do love their branding. A friend on Twitter also pointed me to Eat My Words – a cool cupcake bakery in T.O. that gives all their proceeds to charity. Check them out:

  2. Bryna, they have asked on facebook if anyone would like to open a Cupcakes franchise…are you interested in pooling your resources and making cupcakes with me? I'd love to see one of their stores in person both to eat the goods and to see their branding at work!

  3. That would be SOOOO fun!! I wish I was in a position to do so. If you're really into it, my friend Juli would totally jump on board. She is a chef/baker extraordinaire, and has wanted to open a bakery forever. I should forward her the information.

  4. A very talented designer by the name of Jade is actually the one responsible for all of the branding at Cupcakes by Heather & Lori. A good friend of mine is friends with him and he was the one who created the everything to do with the brand (including everything you mentioned in your article). Truly amazing work and yes, an entertaining show. Jade’s website is:

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