Save Me From Myself!

Posted on Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 at 11:49 am by bryna
It's official. I'm going crazy.

It's official. I'm going crazy.

Next week we’re embarking on our 100 Mile Diet Challenge, care of Cogeco TV. I have to admit, I’m getting less excited about this as the week draws near. In fact, I’m downright scared–cold sweats and shaking included.

In planning my diet for the next week, I have realized how typically ‘North American Consumer’ I really am. I am so Wal-Mart dependent, it isn’t funny. (And I’m lucky I don’t live in the US, because I’d have to add Target to my list of unhealthy relationships as well).

Sure, I buy the odd organic item from the grocery store; I frequent our farmer’s market in the summer. But in reality, I am a relatively thoughtless shopper. I thought local eating would be no challenge at all–I was thinking great restaurants in the County. I was thinking how boho/hipster I would be!

Somehow I was also equating ‘buying local’ with ‘buying healthy.’ Those are two totally different things, even though they go hand-in-hand when you’re buying local. Sadly, when evaluating my refrigerator recently, I discovered that although it’s stocked with healthy eats, I didn’t buy any of them from producers within 100 miles from home. Notta one!

So now I’m incredibly scared. I am a foodie. I love to eat. I’m actually having heart palpitations thinking about what I will do, and how I will plan my food shopping. I have to travel far and wide to get staples like flour and tea. I can totally forget about sugar and coffee! What about olive oil? What about OLIVE OIL?! (Even the apple I’m eating right now isn’t local–it’s just an apple!! What am I going to do with myself?)

I’m scared that by the end of the week someone is going to have to talk me off a roof.

What do you think? Will I survive? Any tips for eating local? Please help me!!


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  1. Good for you!! I’ve been wanting to do something like this. GOod luck, and keep us posted!

  2. I think you’ll survive. This is an excellent agricultural region (and 100-miles is pretty far).

    By the way, at the Creative Hastings dinner I can safely guarantee 100-mile meat (Tyendinaga, Stirling) and potatoes (Tweed); almost guarantee 100-mile tea (Stirling); and can’t guarantee, but expect, some other 100-mile items.

  3. Hi Ruthann! Thanks for the encouragement. It should be really interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing how I feel at the end of next week. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Jordan, I’m so pumped for the Creative Hastings dinner! It will be my one and only dining out experience over the course of the week. Well, that’s not 100% true–we are going to do a ‘locally grown’ cook off at the Milford Bistro on Thursday which should be a blast! I’ll definitely have to take pictures at the dinner, and do some blogging the next day about the menu. Looking forward to it!

  5. My friend Calum in an organic farmer in the area. If you need advice I will hook you up. xoxo

  6. Nathalie, please do hook a gal up! I would love to talk to him. Thanks so much 🙂

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