Hire a Blind Person

Posted on Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 at 6:07 pm by Engine Communications

I’ve recently come across what may be some of the most controversial television advertisements I’ve seen in a while. They are from the Norwegian Association of the Blind, and while I can appreciate humour in advertising, I find this brand of self-deprecating humour to be in poor taste. Sure, they accomplish their goal of making the viewer consider the advantages of hiring a blind person, but it almost feels like they’re encouraging the exploiting of handicapped people.

What are your thoughts; are these ads in good taste – or do you think the only reason they get away with showing these ads on the television is because the blind people they are talking about can’t see them? Comment below…

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  2. Not only poor taste it is shocking and crude. I can’t imagine turning on my TV and seeing that.

  3. I can’t believe that commercial! I think the humor was taken a little too far don’t you? While attention – grabbing, I think they could have reached the same point by taking a different route.

  4. I agree, there are much more effective & tasteful ways to get a message out to people. I can’t believe this commercial was ever made.

  5. I find the commercial offensive and degrading to blind people. The trust people place in the leadership of the organization has been broken and The Norwegian Association of the Blind will see a drop in funding and donations.

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