100 Mile Diet Challenge

Posted on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 at 12:15 pm by bryna

Organic PeppersThe big news here at Engine today is that we’re going to be TV stars!


Let me fill you in.

We all know the idea of eating locally sourced foods isn’t just good for your health. It supports the local (in our case, rural) economy, it reduces the ‘carbon footprint,’ and let’s face it–fresh food just tastes better.

We love food here at Engine. I can’t stress this enough; it’s not just infatuation folks, this is the real deal. As George Bernard Shaw states:

There’s no love sincerer than the love of food.

It’s pretty easy to tell from our Fridays with Kerry series that we take our food personally. We include you in it because food is a great thing to develop relationships with. I think we can all agree that,

Food is best when shared with friends.

So we’re taking this love of food, and putting our money where our mouth is. Instead of just talking about it, we’re partnering with Cogeco to take part in the 100 Mile Diet Challenge.

888763For those of you who don’t know what that means, the 100 Mile Diet entails eating only foods that are available within a 100 mile radius of where you live. It sounds delicious, but in reality it’s not that easy.





We’re lucky enough to live in an area that has been hailed as the ‘Gastronomical Capital of Ontario.’ We have lots of fresh produce, meats, and even wine. What we don’t have though is flour, or sugar, or *gasp* coffee!

 This could pose a problem.

But we’re committing to trying it out for seven days. And we’re so serious, we’re going on TV. The reality kind.

We won’t be shooting until October, but it’s confirmed. We’re diving in. We’re excited to support our local farmers. We’re psyched to meet amazing chefs. (I’m closing my eyes, crossing my fingers, and wishing really hard for Jamie Kennedy and/or Michael Potters.) And we’re pumped for whatever challenges the producers at Cogeco throw at us.

We’ll keep you posted as the shooting unfolds. Until then, take a look at these links to learn more about local food and drink. (You might want to put on a bib first.)

Taste the County

Taste Trail

Harvestin’ the County

Vicki’s Veggies

Bon appetit!

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  1. I’m SO EXCITED for you guys! Should be a great challenge…and what better way to promote the awesome food that’s available in Belleville and surrounding area! Keep us posted!

  2. Thanks Allison! It should be a lot of fun. I love the health and economic benefits. Plus, it will be a good time for team building! Should be interesting. We’ll keep you posted on all the developments as they unfold.

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