We’re Blipping (Is that a word?)

Posted on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 at 12:00 pm by Engine Communications

Blip_Fm_LogoWorking in a creative space, we tend to use different media to express ourselves. Kerry is not only an amazing project manager-marketer-media buyer, she’s also a fantastic cook. Fillmore is not only a brilliant web designer, he’s also a skilled photographer, and talented musician. You get the drift.

How we express our creativity comes in many shapes and forms, and it should. Taking a multi-faceted approach in any creative career is what keeps us all innovating, growing, and challenging the way we see our clients, ourselves, and our world.

The other day we got talking about our shared passion for creating, which led to a discussion about music, and favourite songs, bands, etc. Once again, we found something we could all get excited about–almost as excited as we get about food.

What’s the natural next step? Since Bryna spends so much time in the online space, a Blip.fm account was the (her) obvious choice. Why not build a shared platform for something that helps us learn, move, emote, create, relax, love, think…What doesn’t music do?

So here it is, folks, yet another place where we can be who we are, and share that with you. We hope you enjoy! (We may even take requests.)


Added bonus! Check out our Facebook Fan Page, for a selection of Kathy’s, Kerry’s and Bryna’s favourite songs of all time (thus far).

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