Shark Week!

Posted on Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 at 5:11 pm by Engine Communications

42-16810972I just had to share this Facebook Connect app from the Discovery Channel because it’s such an innovative use of marketing and social media.

To advertise Shark Week, the folks at DC have created an interactive tool that could have easily been a good, standard trailer, but they’ve made it way better. By interweaving social media with video, the viewer is engaged, having fun, and will remember to watch–or at least to share with all their friends on Facebook, Twitter, and their blog(s).

The idea is this: You go to the site, click the ‘My Story’ link, and the rest is history…as are you when you’re eaten by a shark.

Great promo. Great app. Great fun.

(Here are some stills I took from my computer screen. Sorry for the lack of quality, but you get the idea.)



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