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Posted on Thursday, October 15th, 2009 at 8:44 am by Kathy Filo

organicWell, next week is going to be a challenging week for us at Engine! We are entered in the 100 Mile Challenge with Cogeco TV – where we can only cook with locally grown and produced foods. When thinking of preparing meals for next week, I realize that so much of what we eat is highly
processed and not at all local!

The big thing for me will be coffee…I need to find a coffee substitute … and quickly!! That got me thinking of calling local health food stores for support. The Organic Underground in Belleville will be a good contact. Also, County Sunshine in Picton is a very good natural foods source, as is Tara Natural Foods in Kingston. I plan on hitting all three shops this weekend to find out more information on local organic products as they usually support local certified organic products from member farms, which have been grown and marketed in a co-operative and sustainable way. Another website which provided very good insight into local organic farming is www.quinteorganic.ca.

I never knew there were so many local organic farms in the Quinte area! Most organic farms are small independently owned and operated family farms of less than 100 acres, and they produce a wide variety of meats and vegetables, as well as healthy organic herbs and teas

If you’re going to go local…why not go organic?

When shopping for organic foods, look for these labels:


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