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Posted on Friday, November 13th, 2009 at 12:07 pm by Engine Communications

As promised, we have collaborated with a brilliant team of food bloggers from across the globe; I hope that you are as excited as I am, I consider this to be a true honor ~ Thanks Our Kitchen!

Emma, from Our Kitchen writes:

The 5 of us here at Our Kitchen would like to extend a warm springtime hello from New Zealand to all the readers of Friday’s with Kerry. We are very excited to have the chance to collaborate with the team at Engine Communications and we hope that you enjoy the recipes that we will contribute over the next month. Have a fantastic festive season!

Dunedin Team

Dunedin Team

Sara and Emma

Sara and Emma

The team at Our Kitchen is made up of a group of passionate foodies (Sara, Lauren, Adam, Susie and Emma) here at Fisher & Paykel who are excited to share their stories, experiences and skills. Team members have varying backgrounds and interests in food resulting in a blog and a collection of recipes, which appeal to a wider audience, from chefs to the home cook and everyone in between.

Mulled Red Wine (yields 6-7 glasses)

by Susie

Mulled Red Wine

Mulled Red Wine

1 bottle 750ml of medium quality shiraz or merlot
3 cinnamon quills
10 cloves
5 star anise
2 slices of fresh ginger root
10 dried pomegranate seeds (optional)
1/2 – 3/4 cup brown sugar
1 cup water
2 oranges


1. Add the wine and all other ingredients to a medium-sized saucepan.

2. Carefully peel half of one of the oranges. Try as much as you can to avoid the pith as this will create a very bitter flavour. Juice both oranges and add this along with the peel into the wine mixture.

3. Gently bring the pot up to heat just below a simmer on medium-high setting on your cooktop, then reduce back so as to only gently warm the wine. Warm for 20-30 min to let the spices infuse.

4. Remove from heat, strain and serve. Alternatively, strain and store so you can heat it later and drink at your leisure.

Thanks so much for sharing Emma, we can’t wait to give this one a try! Looking forward to next week’s recipe.

The original post on the Our Kitchen Blog is here.

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