Follow the Fun on Facebook (Too much alliteration?)

Posted on Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 at 5:06 pm by bryna

facebook_logo_withpageThis will be one of the shortest blog postings I have ever written. Usually I have an awful lot to say, but today has been a super-busy day at the Engine office. We want you all to know though, that we’re chronicling our misdaventures in 100 Mile dieting at our Facebook Fan Page. Check out the notes and photo albums for the daily breakdown. Think about becoming a fan while you’re at it!

There’s not much happening there today. Suffice it to say that without coffee, our engines are running a little slower than normal, and there’s lots of real work to be done. However, tomorrow will be a different story!

The camera crew is with us again, as we head on an office field trip to Prince Edward County. A cook-off at the Milford Bistro, and a wine making challenge at Black Prince Winery are on the menu. Things could get interesting…


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