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Posted on Friday, October 15th, 2010 at 11:01 am by Engine Communications

Does creativity inspire creative interiors or do creative interiors inspire creativity?

Have you ever noticed that often the most creative companies have the most interesting corporate interiors? I have often wondered if the inspiring interior space is reflective of the innovative, artistic people who work there or if that type of interior design fosters creativity.

Perhaps it is a little bit of both! Think about offices like Pixar, Google and facebook, there has got to be a reason why these companies spend so much on the look and feel of their offices, besides the fact that they are billion dollar companies. When I need creative inspiration I often spend some time looking through a books of corporate interiors. It seems to help spark my creativity. I think by creating an environment that employees feel relaxed and comfortable it does foster creativity. The more you go outside of the box to create a pleasant work environment the more employees will develop outside of the box ideas for your company.

It has been suggested that the more appealing an office is, the more likely employees are to live at the office, and volunteer overtime. Some companies strategically plan their offices in this way, offering services to staff so that they do not need to do as much running around and can maintain focus on projects, and creative brainstorming. Happy, relaxed people love their jobs!

What are your thoughts? What does your workspace look like? Does it inspire you?

– Sandra

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  1. I believe the creative use of colour, space, texture and design in a work environment definitely fuels ongoing creativity and increases an employee’s enjoyment of their job. It also plays an important role in demonstrating to your clients/customers your ability to think outside the box and provide innovative ideas and solutions.

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