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Fun at Glamour Junkie!

We’re working with a new client, Connie Yrjola, who owns one of the coolest jewellery stores around–Glamour Junkie. This weekend, Connie invited my good friend, photographer and blogger Allison Empey and I, into her store to take some product shots for her new website (which we’re in the process of building).

Connie’s been making jewellery since she was twelve. She works with a variety of materials, and designs in just about every style possible. On top of being incredibly talented and creative, Connie is really, really fun. She said we could share some of the pictures from our shoot here. Keep in mind they’re raw and unedited, but they’ll give you an idea of her work.

From the 'Natural' collection

From the 'Natural' Collection

From the 'Bridal' Collection

From the 'Bridal' Collection

Connie indulged me, and let me wear some of my favourite pieces for a picture.

Connie indulged me, and let me wear some of my favourite pieces for a picture.

For more pictures of Glamour Junkie’s unique jewellery designs, please take a look at our Facebook Fan Page.

Glamour Junkie is located at Fusion Creative Collections, 282 Front St., Belleville, Ontario. Or call, 613-967-4438.

Pretty Things

Jewellery design is really a world of its own; taking elements of nature, the surreal, the concrete and the intangible, and then shaping, twisting, and sculpting them to the exhaltation of the human form.

As Coco Chanel said: 

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

Inspiration for design can come from anywhere.

Here are some beautiful pictures from Bling N Things, a small business in Stirling, Ontario. The owners are two of the loveliest women we’ve ever met. The pictures don’t need much explanation, they’re just pretty.







Visit our Facebook Fan Page for more pictures from our shoot.

Make sure to check out Bling N Things on Twitter and on Facebook.

Thanks to Allison Empey for the photographs.