Oprah & Cake: Not Just for Late Night Comedy Skits Anymore

Posted on Monday, August 24th, 2009 at 10:53 am by Engine Communications

oprah-winfreyThis is a guest post by our Creative Director, Sarah Rozema-Seaton, working all the way from her new home in Oklahoma City. Thanks for the post, Sarah!

Women all around the world watch or set their PVR devices to watch Oprah each week. This is a woman so powerful that she can take failing business’s and make them into successful empires, just by recommending their product. It has been called everything from “Oprah’s million dollar touch” to “the Oprah effect,” and millions of business are trying to just get a change to hitch a ride on this woman’s coat tails.

CNBC’s story on “The Oprah Effect” took my particular interest. (It may be because I am pregnant and stories on cake will always perk my interest.) The story is about a small Fort Lauderdale cake company called We Take the Cake.

In 2003 business owner Lori, bought this failing business, but she believed the product was good. After rebranding the business, she was still struggling and not turning a profit.

An employee of Oprah’s, who was sent a cake and became a customer of We Take the Cake. She introduced Oprah to We Take the Cake’s signature Keylime Bunt Cake. Oprah was so impressed that it went on her list of “Oprah’s favourite things.” With Oprah’s following of millions, the small cake business over night went from floundering to booming! With Lori and her team finding it hard to keep up with demand for cakes.

This link is worth taking a look at. It’s amazing how one woman has such influence over millions of people. It just takes the cake!


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