Mentors Week: Sarah Puts Her Thinking Hat On

Posted on Friday, October 9th, 2009 at 8:28 am by bryna

Sarah Rozema-Seaton, Creative Director

Sarah Rozema-Seaton, Creative Director

Ahh the phrase, “Who inspires you…” There are so many people that I find strength and inspiration from. A lecturer that taught me, design friends with their wacky creativity, and the mommy I know with the strength of a thousand elephants.

I better focus on the work aspect.

There are so many people in the design industry that I find inspiration in. One of the biggest mentors would be David Braun. He was a lecturer from college, and was the person that helped me as a creative professional to get past what I thought I knew, and to do it again to be better. “Do it again, do it in green.”

When I was a greenhorn in the industry, I didn’t always agree with this, but he helped me to push the boundaries and look at things in different ways and become better at my job. Over 10 years later, I am still working in the industry.

This lecturer with his piles of papers (poor trees) had so much to offer. He also introduced me to an author, Edward De Bono. If you are a book geek like me, DeBono has written some fabulous books for creative professionals on lateral thinking. One of his best books is “The 6 Thinking Hats.” It is a book that introduces the power of parallel thinking, by breaking thinking down into hats. Worth a read for anyone in a creative industry or business in general.

Below are the 6 Thinking Hats:

Neutrality (White) – considering purely what information is available; what are the facts?

Feeling (Red) – instinctive gut reaction or statements of emotional feeling (but not any justification)

Negative judgement (Black) – logic applied to identifying flaws or barriers; seeking mismatch

Positive Judgement (Yellow) – logic applied to identifying benefits; seeking harmony

Creative thinking (Green) – statements of provocation and investigation; seeing where a thought goes

Process control (Blue) – thinking about thinking

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